Grampians Flood Update 16 Sept

Latest update from PV. Park is once again open. Please take note though of various closures. See links following this update for maps, full official update etc


Grampians National Park Recovery Update

  • This morning, VicRoads reinstated access to the Mt Victory-Northern Grampians road from Halls Gap to Mackenzie Falls. Unfortunately beyond Mackenzie Falls (to the west) the road closure will remain in place until next week.
  • Parks Victoria staff have cleared debris off roads and carparks and have now reinstated access to popular visitor sites such as Mackenzie Falls (lookouts only, not to the base), Reeds Lookout and the Balconies, Boroka Lookout and  the Wonderland area – including the Grampians Peaks Trail overnight walk. Water levels remain high in some creeks however and there is a track diversion around Barneys creek, just north of Borough Huts.
  • Other popular visitor sites such as Hollow Mountain, Mt Zero, Flat Rock and Mt Stapylton in the Northern Grampians will also reopen.  There northern section of Mt Zero road is closed however, so access is best from the Western Hwy, Dadswells Bridge and Winfields roads.
  • Access to Plantation campground and Heatherlie Quarry has been reinstated however the Mt Zero Road is closed north of Roses Gap Rd.
  • Mt William and the Major Mitchell Plateau overnight walk will reopen and access is available to the southern Grampians attractions such as Mt Sturgeon, Mt Abrupt and The Piccaninny.
  • Buandik campground, Manja Art shelter, Jardwardjali falls and Billimina art shelter are open in the West of the park, as is the Victoria Range overnight walk. However due to the Victoria Valley being closed, the best access is via Mirranatawa Rd, Jensens Rd , Glenelg River Rd, Henty Hwy and Harrops track.
  • The Mt Difficult Range (between Roses Gap Road and Northern Grampians road remains under a fire recovery closure).




Northern Grampians Reopenings – Further updates

Hi All,

Below is the official update from Parks Victoria on the reopenings that will take place this Saturday 20th September. Please take note of what isn’t accessible at this point in time and also the fact of what campgrounds are not open – especially Stapylton Campground. Most of all, while you are having a great time out there, take great care of the places you love.  Cheers!

Grampians National Park Update – 17 September 2014 (Rock climbing and Bouldering)

In January 2014 a large bushfire swept through the Northern Grampians causing widespread damage to visitor sites, roads and walking tracks. Many popular rockclimbing and bouldering sites were also impacted including Hollow Mountain, Summerday Valley and Mt Stapylton.

The dry, rocky landscape is now extremely fragile and will take a long time to recover – the fire burnt extremely hot so in many cases regeneration will now occur (very slowly) from seed. Loss of vegetation, loose rocks, unstable soils and loss of access tracks means any foot traffic will have long term impacts on the recovery of the environment. Impacts now will also affect the sustainability of rock climbing sites well into the future.

Recently, Parks Victoria, volunteers and contractors completed recovery projects within rock climbing areas to reinstate damaged walking trails, realign rock climbing access and replace directional signage.

As of Saturday 20th September access will once again be available to rock climbing and bouldering areas within the Stapylton Amphitheatre in addition to those already available in the Flat Rock area. The access track from Flat Rock has been realigned into Grey and Green Walls and to Taipan wall. Please follow these new alignments and refrain from walking off track.

Open Rock Climbing and Bouldering Areas in the Northern Grampians:

  • Central Buttress
  • Grey & Green Walls
  • Taipan Wall (Upper and Lower)
  • Spurt Wall
  • Epsilon Wall
  • Trackside Bouldering area
  • Snakepit
  • Wildsides
  • Spurt and Afterglow

Closures remain in place at all other Northern Grampians Climbing and Bouldering sites for the time being, including Summerday Valley, Andersons, The kindergarten, Van Diemens Land and Cut Lunch Walls. Stapylton Campground also remains closed. Plantation Campground is the closest, open campground.

Parks Victoria will continue to assess damage and undertake recovery works over the coming months. Updates will be posted as re-openings occur.  Please respect the fragility of the environment and support the long term recovery of the Northern Grampians by remaining out of any closed areas. While Parks Victoria regrets the need to enforce closures, substantial fines will be imposed on anyone found in any closed, fire affected areas.


Due to closures in the Northern Grampians, the availability of rock climbing, camping, car touring and bushwalking experiences is limited. Sourcing information on available campgrounds and other accommodation options is recommended. Please visit  for park maps and regular Grampians fire recovery updates.

For detailed information on available rockclimbing and bouldering sites in and near to the Grampians please refer to recognised guidebooks/websites. A general list of open and available areas includes the following:

Rockclimbing sites open in the Grampians:

  • Stapylton Amphitheatre
  • Flat Rock
  • Wonderland Range
  • Serra Range (Including Mt Rosea and Bundaleer)
  • Mt William Range
  • Victoria Point area
  • Victoria Range (Including the Red Rock, Muline and the Gallery area. Please respect cultural heritage and recovering fire affected areas)

Limited Bouldering Sites available in and near the Grampians:

  • Stapylton Amphitheatre
  • Victoria Range (Including the Gallery area. Please respect cultural heritage and recovering fire affected areas)
  • Serra Range (Including Mt Rosea and Bundaleer)
  • Mt Arapiles
  • Mt Talbot
  • The Black Range

Please remember your climbing etiquette:

  • Only climb and boulder in open accessible areas
  • Stick to tracks
  • Respect fragile environmental areas and cultural heritage
  • Keep an eye out for Aboriginal Art sites – Report to Parks Victoria if you come across anything new.
  • Be mindful of cleaning
  • No chipping or bolting
  • Avoid excessive chalk
  • Take your rubbish home with you

Proposed changes to camping & accommodation fees in Victorian Parks. Please have your say!

Many of you may or may not be aware that there is currently a proposal by the Victorian Government/DEPI to increase camping and accommodation fees in all Victorian parks managed by Parks Victoria. This is not the annual camping fee increases which occurs around November each year and has just seen the fees rise. This is a totally different set of fee increases and changes to the camping and accommodation fee system.  See the following:

Victorian National Parks Camping and Accommodation Fees – Regulatory Impact Statement
The Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) has released a proposal for a user-pays approach to charges for camping and roofed accommodation in parks and reserves managed by Parks Victoria.
The new approach is designed to help fund ongoing maintenance and services to ensure that people can continue to enjoy these special places well into the future. Victorians are invited to provide comment on the regulatory impact statement by 22 November 2013.

The Victorian Climbing Club feels that these changes and increases are exorbitant, unmanageable and rather than encourage people to head out camping to the many parks on offer in Victoria, they make it difficult and for many, too expensive to do so. Another of the many downsides of this, is that for those that will continue to make regular trips, this will push more and more out into the park in search of bushcamps (although bushcamping is also set to be user pays) to avoid the fees. This will surely result in more environmental damage as there will be areas not set up to handle the traffic of many people and long term camping impacts. What their plans are for policing and managing the camp fee system is a mystery. Expecting the already resource (financial and people) poor Parks Victoria to police this is ridiculous and will mean that the important job of conserving the natural assets of the parks will be replaced by, what amounts to a parking officer.

The document is a lengthy one and with the variety of changes, many inconsistent, it can seem confusing to understand what this actually means for you in terms of camping fees.  I have attached the documents and relevant links but below are some salient points. The Victorian Climbing Club will be putting in a submission but this is no way counts for the many voices in the climbing community. What is imperative here is that you send in an individual submission. This is a proposal asking for comment. If you don’t like and agree with what is being planned you will need to say something – otherwise you will have to accept the changes they implement. Submissions by the public are often thin on the ground – people will complain on forums, around campfires but rarely does it make it into physical form to reach the people it needs to. Someone else won’t be doing it for you – the numbers will be less rather than more – so we need to turn this around. If you think this is important, not just for you, but for all those who love getting outdoors and camping now and into the future, you must say something. Submissions are required by Friday 22nd November. It doesn’t need to be a lengthy time consuming submission. A short well thought out one will count. I have also included an example letter of a VCC member here. This may give you an idea on how to write it. Try not to write it word for word. Too many of the same will end up only being counted as one. Besides explaining what you don’t like and maybe why, it can also be helpful for the future to explain what you do like. The current ‘special’ allowance that Mt Arapiles has and its special  individual user low fee should be pointed out as something that works and should continue.  I hope all of this helps and encourages you to put your thoughts forward. We are going to need it.

•    Charges will be introduced for bush camping in the Grampians – payable either per person at 9.70 or per undesignated ‘site’ up to 6 people for $19.30
•    Camping at camp grounds in the Grampians will be charged at varying fees depending on the ‘level of facility and service’

o   Stapylton, Plantation, Smiths Mill and Jimmy Creek are classed as ‘high’ and therefore charges will be $48.70 per site of 6 people plus a vehicle. There is no per person rate for campsites rated ‘high’. Individuals or groups smaller than 6 will need to pay the $48.70.
o   Buandik, Troopers Creek, Wannon Crossing, Strachans, Borough Huts, Boreang are classed as ‘mid’ with charges being $37.80 per site of up to 6 people plus a vehicle or alternative a per person fee of $18.90.
o   First Wannon Remote campground is classed as ‘basic/very basic’ and therefore charges will be 19.30 per undesignated ‘site’ up to 6 people for $19.30 or per person at 9.70
o   Overnight walking in the Grampians will be subject to a special fee of $10 per person per night, $9 per school group member plus a booking fee of $15 for groups or $10 per person
•    All camping in the Black Range State Park will be charged using a ‘camping pass’ that can be purchased for overnight a week, a month or annually. Charges for the pass depend on the vehicle with a standard car rate being overnight  – $17.40, a week – $46.40, monthly at $81.10 or Annually at $121.70
•    Mount Arapiles has been classed as a special camping site with special fees – a simple per person rate of $5, with no separate vehicle charges or options to pay per site
•    Brisbane Ranges and Cathedral Ranges – All camping areas classed at ‘mid’ therefore charges being $37.80 per site of up to 6 people plus a vehicle or alternative a per person fee of $18.90.

Mount Buffalo
o   Lake Catani – classed as ‘High’ so charges will be $48.70 per site of 6 people plus a vehicle. There is no per person rate for campsites rated ‘high’ individuals or groups smaller than 6 will need to pay the $48.70.
o   Mount Mcleod and Rocky Creek Camping areas are subject to a special fee – $12.50 per person, $9 per school group member plus a booking fee plus a booking fee of $15 for groups or $10 per person

Some extra points to note:
•    Traditional owners are exempt from fees. How will this be managed – no description in place?
•    Payment of fees is proposed to be via Online booking system with booking and payment to be made prior to camping
•    For those people who just turn up without booking, you will still be required to book online upon arrival. This probably means that you are expected to use your smart phone and pay by credit card. This is obviously assuming that everyone has a smart phone, that there is phone coverage and that you have a credit card. And that the campground is not fully booked out!
•    For those campgrounds without designated sites, like Arapiles, a capacity would need to be defined. How many this will be, is another question that will need to be answered. And once online bookings reach capacity does this mean the system will not accept your booking?
•    Conversely when you make a booking and then turn up but struggle to find a space – how that will be managed?


Written submissions should be forwarded by 5:00pm Friday 22 November 2013 via either of the following:

Camping and Accommodation Fees
Land Management Policy Division
Department of Environment and Primary Industries
Level 3, 8 Nicholson Street


DEPI RIS Page link:

Fact sheet:

RIS executive statement:

RIS statement:

Stapylton Campground Closed – complete closure

access_from_stapylton_camp_For all of you heading away for the long weekend – if you were planning on camping at Stapylton, you are going to have to rejig your plans. As some of you may be aware – see earlier report here

Stapylton was partially closed due to some small pieces of cement sheeting containing asbestos being found.  Unfortunately, it has just been discovered, most likely due to the recent heavy rains, that there is more spread across the campground. See the official media release below. Please spread the word around and alert anyone you may know who has headed off already intending to camp there. There will be some signage at the park for late arrivals who are not aware. I will keep you all up to date with progress. This is high on the list to now be fixed as soon as possible. Considering this issue is one of public safety and that the process for asbestos removal and care can be involved, I would suggest that patience is required. At least when it has finally been cleared, this issue won’t raise it’s head again in that campground. An unfortunate turn of events and one left over from past guidelines and best practice.

7 June 2013

Stapylton campground closure in the Grampians NP
Stapylton Campground in the northern section of the Grampians National Park is currently closed due to in-ground asbestos contamination.
Ranger in Charge David Roberts said the area was closed as a precaution for all activities, including camping.
“With recent rain and increased visitation to the area there has been some exposure of cement sheeting containing asbestos,” said Mr Roberts.  “We are currently working through options to manage the site.”

The cement sheeting pieces came from an old building that was previously situated on part of the Stapylton campground area.
 “We appreciate the patience of visitors while the area is closed and encourage people to camp in other areas around the park,” said Mr Roberts.

Stapylton Loop Walk and the popular Ngamadjidj Shelter remain open. The Loop walk can be accessed from Millers or Polhners Roads.
Troopers Creek, Plantation and Smiths Mill Campgrounds are also available in the Northern Grampians for camping or visit a local Visitor Information Centre for the many private campgrounds surrounding the Grampians National Park.

“There are plenty of other opportunities to get out and enjoy the spectacular Grampians National Park this long weekend and into winter,” said Mr Roberts.  

For further information contact Parks Victoria at or call 13 1963.

Stapylton Campground Full Closure – 14th January – 16th January, 2013

stapylton campgroundFollowing on from the partial closure of Stapylton Campground on the 24th December 2012 the follow up full assessment will now take place by soil contamination experts. As a result, the whole of Stapylton Campground will be closed from Monday 14th January – Wednesday 16th January. For those unaware, the partial closure was due to small pieces of cement sheeting containing asbestos sheeting being found,(please read original post here)  The current advice is that the sheeting poses little risk to the rest of the campground. So that public safety can be assured however, the complete closure while the full assessment is undertaken, is a necessary precaution.
This assessment is to inform future management of the site. The partial closure of the affected area will still be in place after the 16th January until further notice.
This means that there will be limited camping spots available so when making your plans in the future, take this into account.  Alternate campgrounds are:
• Troopers Creek – Approx 16km away
• Plantation Campground – Approx 32 km away
• Smiths Mill Campground – Approx 38 km away