Project Launch – Upper Central Gully Walking Track Repair Project 2019

The launch date is now confirmed – Queens Birthday Weekend – 8th June, 2019. That’s only 2 weeks away.

We’ve had a few hiccups but we are now rearing to go.

The Pick My Project – Upper Central Gully Walking Track Repair Project now needs one of the most important contributions in order to get it up and running. You.

We need bodies to help move some rocks down the track so that stonemason extraordinaire Walter Braun, can work his magic. All you need is an hour or so to spare, some closed toe shoes and that’s it.

We will meet at the top of Central Gully at 9.30amĀ  for some launch festivities and then onto a little rock transportation. Please drop me CliffCare a line so we can estimate numbers.

Many thanks for the funding provided by the Victorian Government through Pick My Project

Green Photo Background Environmental Protection Poster

Transitioning Into the Outdoors Event

We need more of these kind of events! There are more people now coming into climbing and bouldering through different avenues – more often than not via gyms. Without so much of the mentoring that used to happen years ago, it is easy for people who then choose to head outdoors to not have the skills and knowledge of being aware of the issues that can impact the environment and therefore, our continued access. Great that Bogong are running this event. CliffCare has provided some postcards and info sheets to give a little guidance to those that attend.

Please consider attending this event. Pass the info you learn onto others who can’t attend. Lead by example. Continued access will be your reward.

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