The Gallery

15/2/2019 CLOSED
Due to access issues in the Grampians, The Gallery is closed to climbing.

The Gallery is open and accessible from all roads. Please take care due to it being a fire affected area and keep to the climbers track which has been established for climbers.

UPDATE 25TH OCTOBER, 2013 – The Gallery is now open. See more updates on the Vic Range areas here

Update 30th August, 2013 – Please read report here on changes and closures in the Victoria Range

JULY 2013
Victoria Range access update and workday volunteer request. Sunday 4th August. Please read the Access report linked here for full details but for a much abridged version here are some estimated times for reopenings. Do note that this is weather dependant for PV because of the work they need to do. We also need to get in there and do some track marking. Third time lucky. please drop me a line. Volunteers are very slim at this point in time.

Muline, Red Rocks area – start of August
Gallery/Buandik area – start of August
The Fortress. Chimney Pots – end August
Camp of Emu Foot Track area cliffs – minimum 1 year.

Due to fires in the Grampians much of the Southern Grampians is currently closed. See here for the report Grampians_Fire_Update and Map June 2013 as to what is closed.
Please respect all closures.There are numerous other places in the park to climb that are open. Closures are in place for a variety of reasons. CliffCare is working with Parks Victoria to reopen climbing areas as soon as possible. If you are keen on getting an area reopened, help out when the call for volunteers goes out.

May 2013 The Gallery is still currently closed due to the Victoria Range fires in February. Although Buandik was luckily spared, the bridge accessing the walking track has now gone and as it is also a tourist visitor area, there is also quite a lot of tree risk work that will need to be rectified. One of the main access problems at this point are damaged roads due to the heavy fire truck usage during the fires. I am working to gain inspection access as soon as possible so we can ascertain if, what and how much damage there may be to the climbers track and climbing area.

The climbers access track to the Gallery was closed due to flood damage and climbers then realigned the track around the right hand side of the Aboriginal art shelter and through a revegetation area. After discussions with PV this has been rectified. Current situation is as follows:
PV have opened up the first part of the loop up until where the track heads up to the Gallery.So basically you head up there and back down, the same way. Please use this access and not around the right side of the art shelter. I have not yet had the opportunity to visit myself so any feedback on this would be appreciated.

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