Red Rocks Creek area

May 5, 2014 –

Due to resurfacing works being undertaken on  Red Rocks Road, it will be closed for the next two weeks. Closure is from 5/5/14

For the duration of the works it will be okay for climbers to access the area by parking at the end of Andersons Road where it intersects with Red Rocks Road. This is the same area we used to access the cliffs after the Vic Range fires when the reopenings began. See below for details.

Most of the works will be concentrated between Matthews track and Muline Creek however they may extend south of Muline Creek to Andersons Road.

Note: Because of Matthews Track closure for the next two weeks, this means that the new access in for Weirs Creek is now not possible also.

It is due to heavy vehicles working in the area and because the road is impassable to the north, that people are being asked not to drive through the road works. So this does mean a longer walk in for some of the cliffs in that area.

TEMPORARY (Due to road closures)– From the Henty Highway, take Andersons Road. Follow this all the way through to where it intersects with Red Rock Road. Park up here on Andersons Road not Red Rock Rd. This is closed so please respect this closure even though it may seem super easy to just park on it or drive a little way down.
Red Rocks Pinnacles
Mt Fox
Hollywood Bowl
Turn left and walk a short distance (150m) to a sandy track on the right. This track leads you to all of the above climbing areas and is the permanent access track after the road closures finish. Follow this track for approximately 500m to the intersection. Turn right. Another 70m will get you to the Mt Fox track(cairned) and a further 450m along will get you to the access track to Red Rocks area.

NOTE: In the case of Red Rocks, this access is the new access approach that was established before the fire. Do not cross the paddock – this is private property and no longer allowed. (scroll down to page bottom on this link)

Emu Rock/Emu Cave
Muline and environs is as before (some track realignment) but will require a longer walk from Andersons road to get to the start of the access track.

Red Rock Road is now open so the Red Rocks climbing area is accessible from all roads. Please take care in the area as it has been fire affected. Keep to the marked climbers tracks.

UPDATE 25TH OCTOBER, 2013 – This area is now open for climbing. Red Rock Road is still currently closed but you are able to access the areas via parking at the intersection of Red Rock Road and Andersons Road and walking in. You can read more on the other Vic Range areas here

Update 30th August, 2013 – Please read report here for changes and closures in the Victoria Range

JULY 2013
Victoria Range access update and workday volunteer request. Sunday 4th August. Please read the Access report linked here for full details but for a much abridged version here are some estimated times for reopenings. Do note that this is weather dependant for PV because of the work they need to do. We also need to get in there and do some track marking. Third time lucky. please drop me a line. Volunteers are very slim at this point in time.

Muline, Red Rocks area – start of August
Gallery/Buandik area – start of August
The Fortress. Chimney Pots – end August
Camp of Emu Foot Track area cliffs – minimum 1 year.

Due to fires in the Grampians much of the Southern Grampians is currently closed. See here for the report Grampians_Fire_Update and Map June 2013 as to what is closed.

Please respect all closures.There are numerous other places in the park to climb that are open. Closures are in place for a variety of reasons. CliffCare is working with Parks Victoria to reopen climbing areas as soon as possible. If you are keen on getting an area reopened, help out when the call for volunteers goes out.

MAY 2013
Red Rocks and the surrounding areas are still currently closed due to the Victoria Range fires in February. This particular area wasn’t burnt as badly as others further south. It has burnt patchy. A workday marking tracks and realigning if needed is planned for the 16th June so that we can get this area opened as soon as possible. If you have knowledge of any of the climbers access tracks in the area, your help on the day would be appreciated. Contact me:


A young farmer has recently bought the grazing land that runs between Red
Rock Road and the Western slopes of the Victoria Range. This is the land
people cross to access all cliffs around Red Rock Creek (Red Rock, Band of
Gypsies, Crag X, Far Pavilion).

The previous owner allowed access across the land but the new owner does
not have public liability insurance for that land and has requested people
not cross the paddocks to get to the cliffs.

Access should be by from either the southern or northern boundaries,
depending on which is least inconvenient for the area being visited.

Southern boundary : Walk along the dirt rd that turns east off Red Rocks
Road just south of the paddocks. Follow the rough track for a few hundred
metres and then skirt along the bush high up on the hill tracking under
Eagle Rock.
Northern Boundary : Follow the track leading up towards Mt Fox from Red
Rock Road then the sandy track going south just east of the fence-line
until under Red Rock.

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