Victoria Range

June 13th, 2014
Red Rocks Road is now open.

May 5, 2014

Due to resurfacing works being undertaken on  Red Rocks Road, it will be closed for the next two weeks. Closure is from 5/5/14

For the duration of the works it will be okay for climbers to access the area by parking at the end of Andersons Road where it intersects with Red Rocks Road. This is the same area we used to access the cliffs after the Vic Range fires when the reopenings began. See below for details.
Most of the works will be concentrated between Matthews track and Muline Creek however they may extend south of Muline Creek to Andersons Road.
Note: Because of Matthews Track closure for the next two weeks, this means that the new access in for Weirs Creek is now not possible also.
It is due to heavy vehicles working in the area and because the road is impassable to the north, that people are being asked not to drive through the road works. So this does mean a longer walk in for some of the cliffs in that area.

MARCH 2014
All cliffs in the Victoria Range are now open for climbing. There has been a change of access details for cliffs along the Emu Foot Track (Jawananji jawa). These include the climbing areas Eureka Wall, Lost World,Red Sail, Gondwanaland and Weirs Creek.The track is now a Management Vehicle only track which means you must park outside of the gate and walk to the cliffs
.Due to climber feedback and discussions, PV are currently reassessing this decision to come to a better outcome for climbers. Please respect all current closures though
Also remember that while the Victoria Range cliffs may be open for climbing, many of them are still in a delicate state. Take care by keeping on established tracks. Organizing large groups to head into these areas is not advisable and will only promote further erosion. Over promoting the Vic Range is probably not the best course of action. Beside it’s recent natural event, the Vic Range has the highest concentration of Indigenous sites in the Grampians and in Victoria. It is a delicate relationship we share with the land managers and the indigenous community. And it deserves respect. It’s all about common sense. A softer approach is the better long term option for the Victoria Range.

Update 1st January, 2014 – Access to all  previously closed climbing areas – with the exception of those along the Emu Foot track – are now possible. All the roads are open. Please remember though that these areas have been impacted by fire, so treat and tread in the areas with care. Follow the established tracks, many of which have been marked and delineated. If you do come across and area or track which is severely eroded please email me at These climbers tracks are maintained by VCC/CliffCare and the climbing community and it helps if we can repair or stabilize a track before too much damage is done. At early stages, the solution is often easily and quickly done.
As noted above, the cliffs along the Emu Foot Track area are still closed due to the area being the most severely burnt. The ground is still very sensitive so we are asking climbers to respect these closures and give enough time for regrowth to establish itself.

Update 25th October 2013 –
Many of the climbing areas previously out of bounds because of the Victoria Range fires are now accessible. Much of the access did hinge on the roads being closed and the listed roads below are now open which means that any of the cliffs accessible from them are open for climbing. Red Rock Road is still closed while it undergoes some final work but hopefully reopening shouldn’t be too far off. You are still able to access the cliffs along that road though by walking in from the Anderson Road intersection.

The cliffs in the Camp of the Emu Foot track area are still out of bounds. This particular area was burnt the worst and the ground really needs time to recover before it is opened to any kind of foot traffic. These cliffs include Eureka Wall, Lost World, Red Sail, Weirs Creek.

Rather than listing every single cliff that is open, the roads and walking tracks below will govern what is open for climbing. If you are not sure, drop me a line and I will let you know

The following roads, walking tracks and visitor sites are now open:

Harrops Track
Billywing Road
Syphon Road
Northern end of Sawmill Track
Victoria Range Track
Goat Track
Buandik Camping Ground and Picnic area
Fortress walking track
Ingleton Springs Picnic area
Glenelg River Road
Chimney Pots Walking Track
The following walking tracks and roads will remain closed until further works are completed:

Billimina walking track
Red Rock Road (you can access cliffs on Red Rock road by parking and walking in from Andersons Road)
Matthews Track
Strachans Campground
Manja Walking track

Update 30th August, 2013 – Please read report here on changes and closures in the Victoria Range

25/7/13 – Victoria Range access update and workday volunteer request. Sunday 4th August. Please read the Access report linked here for full details but for a much abridged version here are some estimated times for reopenings. Do note that this is weather dependant for PV because of the work they need to do. We also need to get in there and do some track marking. Third time lucky. please drop me a line. Volunteers are very slim at this point in time.

Muline, Red Rocks area – start of August
Gallery/Buandik area – start of August
The Fortress. Chimney Pots – end August
Camp of Emu Foot Track area cliffs – minimum 1 year.

Due to fires in the Grampians much of the Southern Grampians is currently closed. See here for the report Grampians_Fire_Update and Map June 2013 as to what is closed.

Please respect all closures.There are numerous other places in the park to climb that are open. Closures are in place for a variety of reasons. CliffCare is working with Parks Victoria to reopen climbing areas as soon as possible. If you are keen on getting an area reopened, help out when the call for volunteers goes out.

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