Mt Difficult

9 Jan, 2018

Access to cliff climbing area at Mt Difficult from Troopers Creek campground(now closed) is as previous although the trail is now noted on Parks Victoria website as closed. It is closed as an official walking track due to extensive damage in the North Grampians fire. For a variety of reasons and without going into too much detail, the campground Troopers Creek is now closed and the trail won’t be repaired. Therefore it is no longer an ‘official’ trail that they promote as such to park visitors. There is a new campground slated for Dead Bullock Creek that lines up with a Trailhead and a newer section of the GPT.
The area is not closed for climbing now.
Please use the same trail you previously used although as noted above it has been damaged and  have been told some parts are not so good.
The old trail will not be part of the GPT.

A little from a report in 2016