Greater Grampians Roundtable and Planned Burns program

PLANNED BURNS 2018 (19/3/2018)

1 Grampians CE Flyer

1 Grampians CE Map


Planned Burns May 2015




You can read a couple of blog posts here on the GGR of which I am a member.

Read further down the page for info on Planned burns in the Grampians as well as downloads of Fire Operation Plan (FOP) and relevant information.  Be informed.

Grampians Roundtable
The Grampians National Park and Surrounds Stakeholder Roundtable brings together a
range of people who are interested in, or impacted by planned burning and other land
management practices.
It aims to:
• improve communication between stakeholders, land management agencies and the
• develop a shared understanding of complex land management issues, including fire

The Roundtable does not formally influence government land management policy, but it can influence the way policies are put into practice.
Whilst it was initiated by Department of Sustainability and Environment and Parks Victoria in mid 2011, its purpose and membership has been determined through a collaborative process involving a range of representative stakeholders. It meets 3 or 4 times a year.

One of the practical outcomes from initial meetings has been to improve communications
about planned burning with local CFA staff and brigades. Now the CFA are notified by pager about imminent planned burns in their area.

Groups that are represented on the Roundtable include:
Environment groups through Friends of Grampians Gariwerd, Hamilton Field Naturalists and Wimmera Landcare
Wine Industry through the Grampians Wine Growers Association
Apiary industry through Central Victorian Apiarists’ Association
Tourism industry through Grampians Tourism
Local government through Northern Grampians Shire
Community health through the Grampians Community Health
Agriculture through the Victorian Farmers Federation
Catchment Management Authorities through Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management
Recreational Park Users through the Victorian Climbing Club
CFA Volunteers Fire Brigades
Indigenous community through representatives from the Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners,
Barengi Gadjin Land Council, Martang
Parks Victoria
Department of Sustainability and Environment


Wimmera-map_draft-2012   This gives you a visual of the Wimmera and the colour coded burns over the next 3 years

South-West-plan_proposed-2012  Page 48 highlights the Vic Range areas. This is a draft plan.  The final will be out October.  Although vague timelines are given ie Red Rocks 2012/14 , Chimney Pots 2014/15 etc. these timelines can and do change.  Depending on weather windows and resources available, burns can be moved ahead or postponed.

What exactly is mosaic burning?  This fact sheet gives you an outline of the burning method that is used quite extensively now.  This is not the only method of burning but mosaic or landscape burning allows varying intensities of burning to occur over a longer period of time in a much larger designated area. This allows the land to recover over differing time levels.

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