Cathedral Ranges

18.12.09 The Cathedral Ranges opened, as planned just before Christmas. Whilst the park has quite noticeable regrowth, thanks especially to the rain we have had this year, the area is still fragile, more so the closer you get to the cliff. The access track which leads off from the main track to reach the cliff is in a pretty bad state. A couple of visits have taken place to look at possible realignment  but after a number of attempts, a rethink is in place. For the time being please take extra care when heading up there using this access. The other option is the very original track which leaves further up the track to the Farmyard and then contours back to the cliff base. This crosses much more stable ground and has been recently cairned quite noticeably. It is longer in distance but not so steep. Realigned though, is the descent track after you have climbed a route and reached the summit. You head off right onto the saddle and into a gully which has had little impact by the fire. This has been marked with pink tape. The ground here is very solid except for the last bit where you need to cross back right to the cliff base. The old descent path is completely destroyed and is basically just loose, sliding soil. Once the weather gets cooler a visit will take place to see if a little stabilizing might help the the current track in place

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