CliffCare Education Project

The CliffCare Education Project is a long term, ongoing project and one which will be realized with the support of the climbing community, volunteers as well as sponsorships and partnerships. If you would like to help out be it in a small way or large, drop me an email at
Below is a brief overview of the project.


The CliffCare Education Project aims to be a continuing source of information to bring about an informed awareness of the cliff environments care and our responsibilities as users. That as users, it is about more than just the climbing. Most importantly, new users of these outdoor spaces can start off with the right information and good habits. With Outdoor recreation not only in schools curriculum but also a growth industry, it is imperative that awareness comes sooner, rather than later with the ever growing influx of uninformed users. The growth of climbing and bouldering gyms in urban environments means that more people are heading to the outdoors. Many of them won’t have the outdoor education or savvy that the climbing community had in the past.


One of the most important outcomes of the project is to make sure the information gets out to as many people and groups as possible. And that this is ongoing and evolving as climbing and bouldering as a sport and an activity grows. Climbing gyms, schools and outdoor education facilities are a main target. These are locations which, with the right display and visuals, we can reach a huge amount of people. The future results will be better informed users.


Care of the climbing environment/Climbing codes
Damage and rehabilitation
Cultural heritage and ecologically sensitive areas



  • General Do’s & Don’ts
  • Rock Art and Cultural Heritage protection
  • Toileting in the outdoors
  • Chalk use
  • Vegetation care
  • New Track formation
  • Responsible fixed protection
  • Campfires
  • Camping


Climbing and bouldering gyms,
School Outdoor education programs
Commercial groups
Outdoor retail outlets
Climbing/Outdoor Festivals
Magazines,Online websites & forum



CLIFFCARE HANDBOOK – Small pocket sized handbook available free. This will not only contain highlighted issues(see posters below)  but also a variety of other information such as rules and guidelines from Parks Victoria, Climbing codes, further help sites etc. Along with climbing guides, the aim of the handbook is to become a necessary addition to a climbers pack.

POSTER CAMPAIGN – Posters will be developed that highlight many of the main issues. These graphics will be in the CliffCare Handbook and large Posters will be displayed in venues with a new highlighted issue every two months.


STATIC DISPLAY – Portable Screen displays will enable CliffCare to present a visual presentation of the environmental project in a variety of locations to suit. Much of this will be a photographic display which highlights damage that can be done and also through the care and work projects undertaken, the rehabilitation of these areas. Control sites that we will be documenting over 6 monthly periods will allow users to see degradation and improvements in the environment and this will also ensure we can find workable solutions before damage escalates.

WORKSHOPS: Workshops will be developed that educate around  the highlighted issues and encourage critical thinking when it comes to engaging in activities in the outdoors, on both public and private lands.

MEDIA: Climbing publications will carry the highlight posters and whenever possible, small articles relating to high risk issues.

Online forums and websites which are a huge resource for climbers to access will also be updated with information and links.

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