Protecting Victoria’s climbing future
Victorian CliffCare Trust
Give a One Off Donation Give a Regular Donation
The Victorian Climbing Club (through the Victorian Cliffcare Trust) is seeking donations to protect and repair the places where you love to climb.

CliffCare in Victoria has a great track record. Hundreds of climbers have joined in our practical repair of the cliff environment. Our work can be seen at many of the cliff environments – Arapiles, Grampians, Camels Hump,Werribee Gorge

Your donation will help us to continue this work.
Your donation will also help us to:

1. Keep up our direct personal contact with land managers.
2. Reduce land manager fears about their liability for climbing accidents.
3. Educate climbers about sharing the cliffs with other species.
4.Maintain a strong and attractive public presence for our CliffCare projects through poster displays in gyms and shops.

Are donations tax deductible? Yes!

Visit here to donate online – GiveNow

Or visit here to have a regular contribution taken from your salary – CAF


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