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Tracey Skinner

Access & Environment Officer


Phone number is now disabled. Please send an email. Many thanks.


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8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Tracey,
    I’ve had a longer, more leisurely look through the Cliffcare Blog and like it very much. The 2011 theme suits the subject nicely and I love that panorama shot on the front page. Pity though, this beautiful image disappears when viewing the blog on iPad (I assume you have iPad Swipe Theme switched “on”?)
    Cheers, Kevin

    • Hi Kevin,
      Thanks! So much more info to pour in. I thought I did have the iPad swipe on. Just checked on mine and the image is coming up – although I had to select standard site at the bottom of the page when it first came up in a different format. Let me know how you go.

    • Thanks Bernie! Have to say huge thanks to all the volunteers who helped haul rocks up and down the steep track. And most of the time they had a smile on their faces 🙂

  2. Hi Tracey,

    Will there be a Campground Host at The Pines for the last week of March / first week of April?

    I’m planning to be there, together with a group of Sydney climbers, and will make sure I make contact with a Campground Host if one is on site. I think it’s an excellent idea by the way.

    Too bad there won’t be any rock hauling happening at that time 😉

    • Hi Kevin,
      Gosh, I approved this and forgot to answer. So you are probably already there. There is a campground host in place. Our original volunteer had to pull out due to injuries so we have a new volunteer who has kindly stepped in at last minute. Nadia. A member of the Western Victoria climbing Club and really keen to learn and help make a difference. She is situated in lower left of the Pines Campground. I will be around too so maybe I will see you. I really need to organize the rock hauling to line up with your visits. Maybe you could give me a forward plan of your trips to Araps 🙂

  3. Hi!
    I am Jackson, and I am in stage 2 outdoor education. I am currently doing an assignment on environmentally sustainable practices within Mt Arapiles. Do you have any information or sources that could assist me in answering human impacts of Mt Arapiles, practices that were introduced to prevent them and the overall effect rock climbing has on Mt Arapiles?

    Thank you

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