Banned/Closed climbing areas

This is a list of areas where climbing is banned. It is in no way conclusive so please don’t automatically assume because an area is not listed below, climbing is allowed. In most of these areas climbing is banned due to fear of litigation or environmental concerns, however the exact reason in each case is not always known (often due to time constraints in researching.Climbers need to be aware that climbing in a banned area does have a consequence. If you choose to climb there you are effectively putting our climbing future at risk in other areas.  When access issues rears its head, our past behaviour always comes under the microscope.
If reasons are known, these will be entered.

Banned climbing areas include:

Mt Cannibal (under investigation)
Cumberland River
Lal Lal Falls
The Organ Pipes National Park
Hanging Rock
Barfold Gorge
Plenty Gorge
Daintrees Cliff, Pyramid Rock, Junction Hole & North Side (all in Werribee Gorge)

2 thoughts on “Banned/Closed climbing areas

  1. The Organ Pipes?

    I am guessing this is an organ pipes not at arapiles. Perhaps you could include a name of the park/area/region/forest/etc.

    • Hi Cameron,
      Yes, you’re right. The Organ Pipes National Park. There would be a hell of an uproar if the Organ Pipes Mt Arapiles was a banned clinbing area. It doesn’t bear thinking about!

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