Grampians Fire Updates – Victoria Range Closed-Updated newsletter 25 Feb 2013

grampians 2013

(PLEASE CHECK THE GRAMPIANS TAB TO SEE THE UPDATED NEWSLETTERS THROUGHOUT THE DAYS AS WELL AS BELOW)This post is old but the newsletters are new and contain new and relevant information
Due to a number of the fires now joining together, the closures below have been put inplace. Most of this affects the Southern part of the Grampians where there are a large number of climbing sites. At this stage the North and Central parts of the Park remain open and safe for visitors to enjoy but Parks Victoria advises visitors not to go overnight walking and for campers to stay in designated campgrounds only. Please be aware at all times though as conditions can change quickly. The information below is a quick overview – for more extensive information on the fires and for the map overview click hereGrampians Victoria Valley Complex Newsletter 25th Feb am
Map overview Grampians- Victoria Valley Complex 25 Feb map overview

The fires formerly known as Burnt Hut Track, Clutterbucks Road and Jensens Road have joined together and are now being called the Victoria Valley Complex. The size of the fire is approximately 12,000 hectares.
Southerly winds overnight and throughout the day have pushed the fire across the Victoria Range. Some spotting may be occurring. Planned burns completed last autumn along the Harrop Track within the Grampians National Park are expected to assist with controlling the spread of the fire to the west.

The fires in the Grampians National Park are affecting the southern end of the Park. For the safety of visitors the following closures have been put in place until further notice:
All areas of the Victoria Valley and Victoria Range Areas are CLOSED – Parks Victoria are advising visitors to the Grampians National Park that the Victoria Valley (area South of Mount Victory Road) and Victoria Range (West of the Serra Range) are closed.
Note: Subject to Change at any time
The Grampians Tourist Road has been REOPENED.
Road Closures:
Greens Creek Road at Glenelg River Road
Syphon Road closed at Lodge Road
Glenelg Road closed at Lodge Road
Serra Road closed at Grampians Tourist Road
Bullawin Road closed at Victoria Point Road
Glenelg River Road closed at Henty Hwy
Harrop Track closed at Billywing Road
Middletons Crossing Road closed at Victoria Point Road
Robertsons Road at Victoria Point Road
C Frys Road at Victoria Valley Road
K Crawfords Road at Victoria Valley Road
Bundol road at Victoria Valley Road
Cooks Road at Victoria Valley Road
Mokanger Road at Victoria Point Road
Yarram Gap Road at Grampians Tourist Road
Jimmy Creek Road at Grampians Tourist Road
Traffic Management Points:
At intersection of Victoria Valley Road and Bundol Road. This intersection is manned by Police.
Visitor Site and Walking Track Closures:
All climbing areas and tracks in the Victoria Range and Red Rock area
Strachans Campground
Buandik Campground
Boreang Campground
Ingleton Springs Picnic area
Red Rock Picnic area
Manja Shelter
Billimina Shelter
Chimney Pots
Jimmy Creek Campground
Wannon Crossing Campground

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