Red Rocks Creek (Grampians) new access details

Following an alert by a NSW climber who had recently climbed in the area, we now know that the access details for the Red Rocks area is now changed. (Note: this ‘new’ access has always been available, but due to arrangements with the previous owner of the private property, access was allowed directly across the paddocks. Kieran Loughran has put together an outline and map of the new details and these are below. It is vitally important that climbers respect the wishes of the property owner.  I will be making some further enquiries into the situation  but as of this moment please abide by his request.
Access Update

A young farmer has recently bought the grazing land that runs between Red
Rock Road and the Western slopes of the Victoria Range. This is the land
people cross to access all cliffs around Red Rock Creek (Red Rock, Band of
Gypsies, Crag X, Far Pavilion).

The previous owner allowed access across the land but the new owner does
not have public liability insurance for that land and has requested people
not cross the paddocks to get to the cliffs.

Access should be by from either the southern or northern boundaries,
depending on which is least inconvenient for the area being visited.

Southern boundary : Walk along the dirt rd that turns east off Red Rocks
Road just south of the paddocks. Follow the rough track for a few hundred
metres and then skirt along the bush high up on the hill tracking under
Eagle Rock.
Northern Boundary : Follow the track leading up towards Mt Fox from Red
Rock Road then the sandy track going south just east of the fence-line
until under Red Rock.

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