Grampians Road and Track Report and Campground updates 1st June 2012

Hi all,
Latest Road and Track report for the Grampians you can download here Copy of Road Report -1 June 2012

And the following information is in regard to servicing of some campground and visitor sites due to industrial action:

Protected Industrial Action – Servicing of campgrounds and visitor sites in the Grampians National Park
Due to protected industrial action in parks across Victoria there may be limited servicing of quieter campgrounds.
Parks Victoria apologises for any inconvenience.  We will work to minimise disruptions for visitors.
The campgrounds affected are Wannon Crossing, Boreang, Buandik and Strachans campgrounds.

This may mean:
Toilet paper is not replenished
Toilets may not be cleaned
Ash may not be taken from the BBQs
Limited general maintenance and clean up of campgrounds
Minimum service will continue at Jimmy Creek, Borough Huts, Smiths Mill, Plantation, Troopers and Stapylton Campgrounds and busy day visitor sites such as Mackenzie falls, Wonderland Carpark, Boroka, Mt Zero and Hollow Mountain.

Parks Victoria will continue to monitor areas to ensure visitor safety.

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