The Gallery Work Day – 27th May, 2012

Hi all,

trenches created by flood waters

So far I have only had 2 people put their hands up for the work day at the Gallery. I am going to need more than that for the work day to go ahead. Considering the size of the crew that was there on the day I inspected, I was hoping for a little more interest in looking after the area. This is your opportunity to contribute to climbers being involved in self regulating. Looking after the areas that we climb in goes hand in hand with this.

I have changed the work day to Sunday rather than the Saturday seeing as though Sunday is generally a shorter day for people anyway and would imagine that this is preferable. That way people can still get a good full days climbing in on the Saturday.

I really need to have a good idea of numbers so I can plan the work and tools required You can get an idea of the work planned by reading this. I am hoping to get a brief lesson for the volunteers in the morning on the day, on how to construct water bars which will be the majority of what we will be doing. I am also hoping to get our chainsaw guy in again to help clear the trees that are down over the track
Drop me a line to let me know if you will be coming.

Sunday 27th May
Time: 9.30
Meet: Buandik picnic area


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