Climbing in closed areas

Thought this might be an interesting topic to ruminate on and promote some lively debate whilst also informing the climbing community of a recent accident.
I was speaking to the Grampians Head Ranger last week re Rosea and re-opening timelines, work that needs to be done by them, by us etc when he told me of a rescue that took place the week before at Rosea. It being a currently closed area and all. This happened after hours and he didn’t really have too many more details from the SES except that it was a broken ankle. I did explain, and he is aware of this, that the information re Rosea and its current closure has been distributed to the climbing community. But of course, there will always be a small minority who choose to do their own thing and go ‘under the radar’. Which,being a small minority, for most of the time, stays under the radar. Except of course when you need/or want a rescue. Dave did ask me to reiterate to the climbing community, ‘ the respecting of closed areas’. Which I am doing now.

So climbers – thoughts?

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