Grampians opening updates

For those who have been hanging out to get back into the Victoria Range, looks like today is the lucky day.  Just received official confimation from Parks Victoria that the following areas are now open.  All of this will also be on the Grampians page along with a downloadable update and map.

Parks Victoria staff have been working hard on flood and storm damage in the Western area of the Grampians National Park to open areas for local communities and visitors to the region.  While many of the roads and visitor sites are now open in this area, some areas will stay closed. Parks Victoria asks visitors to comply to any closures until they are reopen as these roads or sites are still unsafe for visitor access.

The following roads and visitor sites in the Victoria Valley and the Western side of the Grampians are now open:
Harrops Track
Glenelg River Road (Boreang Campground to Mt Victory  will remain closed)
Rose Creek Road
Billywing Road
Lodge Road
Red Rock Road
Asses Ears Road
Bullawin Road
Jensens Road
Red Hill Road
Greens Creek Road
Geerak Track
Zumstein Shortcut
Taylors Track
Brimpaen Road
Glenisla Crossing Road
Boundary Track
Hines Track
Wallaby Rocks
Visitor Sites
Buandik Picnic Area
Red Rock Picnic Area
Brim Springs Picnic Area
Art Shelters
Walking Tracks
Billimina Walking Track
Manja Walking Track
Chimney Pots Walking Track
Access to the Moora Moora Reservoir will be available from Glenelg River Road

“Be safe be prepared” while travelling in this area:

While many roads in the Victoria Valley and the western side of the Park will be open, visitors are advised that traffic hazards still exist and road conditions may be below the usually accepted standard. Park staff have taken much care to ensure that risk issues have been minimised and that road conditions comply with our road management obligations, however hazards may still be present especially after wet weather. Road edges will be of particular concern. Please avoid driving on road edges as they may be soft in places.
Four wheel drive vehicles only are recommended after rain as roads will be slippery with uneven surfaces and fallen rocks. Please drive to the conditions and obey road signage and road closures at all times.
While great effort has been made to open roads in the Victoria Valley and the western side of the park, there are still areas affected by storm and flood damage.

The following roads, walking track and visitor sites will remain CLOSED until further notice:

Syphon Road
Serra Road
Glenelg River Road (Boreang Campground to Mt Victory Road)
Phillip Island Track
Henham Track
Sawmill Track
Beehive Track
Cassidy Gap Road
Stony Creek Road
All Seasonal Roads and Tracks
Walking Trails
Red Gum Walk
The Fortress
Paddys Castle

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