Victorian Fires Jan 2015 affecting climbing areas

There are currently fires in a number of areas that could impact climbing. At this stage there are fires in the Grampians, Black Range and Black Hill and while some of the fires are now under control, the areas are either closed or care should be taken. The latest updates are as follows:

Black Range

Due to a fire which started on 3 January following a lightning storm the following parks are closed:

Henty highway was closed yesterday but is now open.

There were also a number of other smaller fires in the Grampians including one near Syphon Road.

These fires are close to the Victoria Range climbing areas so if you had been planning a trip for this weekend, it would be advised to postpone.

Black Hill Bushland Reserve

There is currently a fire in the Black Hill Bushland Reserve. The area is closed. Will hopefully have more information on this after the weekend but it looks like the park has burnt quite hard.

If you haven’t already got the Fireready App, please do so. If you are going to be travelling to and around many of the climbing areas it makes sense to have relevant and timely information. You can download it here

Northern Grampians fire update 23/1/14


Hollow Mountain carpark

With the long weekend almost upon us, there have been many querying what is and isn’t open in the Grampians. The following is a current update on the situation. As it notes below, there has been significant damage to a number of the popular climbing areas. Please respect the closures .

A lightning event across the Grampians National Park on 15 January 2014 caused a bushfire that swept through the northern end of the Grampians National Park. The fire remains active in some areas but is contained.

There has been significant damage to Summerday Valley and the Hollow Mountain climbing areas and infrastructure. The Stapylton amphitheatre and access to Taipan Wall has also been impacted. All climbing and bouldering areas in the northern part of the Grampians National Park are closed, including the Watchtower.

Parks Victoria will re-open affected areas as soon it is safe to do. This may take some time as there has been significant damage to the environment and infrastructure. Please respect the closures in place and consider alternative climbing areas.

The Grampians still remains a great place to climb and enjoy the outdoors. Below is a list of climbing and bouldering areas, and roads that are open within the Grampians National Park.

Climbing and bouldering areas open

  • Wonderland area
  • Victoria Range – including Red Rock, Muline and The Gallery  (this doesn’t include the cliffs along the Enu foot track such as Eureka Wall, Weirs Creek etc)
  • Black Range (west of Grampians – Black Ians Rock and Mt Talbot)

Open roads

  • Grampians Tourist Road
  • Mt William Road
  • Silverband Road
  • Sundial Road
  • Wonderland Road
  • Serra Road
  • Glenelg Road (from Serra Road to HentyHighway)
  • Mirranatwa Road
  • Yarram Gap Road
  • Jimmy Creek Road
  • Emmett Road
  • Mitchell Road

• Redmans Track (4wd) • Mt Cassel Track (4wd) • Billywing Road
• Emmetts Road

• Geerak track (northern section) • Goat Track
• Harrops Track
• Jensens Road

• Mafeking Road
• Mt William Picnic Ground Road • Syphon Road (to Goats Track) • Victoria Range Track

FalconWatch – Nesting alerts

Generally from September to November is the Peregrine nesting season. There are a number of regular locations that the Peregrines nest at and two of these have now been confirmed with nesting activity. Please give these areas a wide berth. Climbing near and stressing out the birds can be a matter of life or death for their chicks.


30/09/13 – Falcon nesting(and swooping) at Harlequin Cracks and Beau Geste area Mt Arapiles.  Gets highly agitated. (This is a regular nesting area most years)

30/09/13 Kestrel now nesting near rap anchor at Cassandra.  This is her usual nesting place. Please stay away from this area

NOTE: There have also been sightings of Peregrines around the Tiger Wall area. Please keep an eye out and report an specific nesting sites.

Please check out the Falconwatch page here to understand why it is so important to be respectful of the birds nesting sites

Adult female peregrin falcon - photo Victor Hurley

Adult female peregrin falcon – photo Victor Hurley

Mt Buffalo – Fire in Alpine Park. Be Aware and Be Prepared

Buffalo March 2008 072

For all those heading to Buffalo this Australia Day weekend (and that includes me) there is a large fire in the alpine region at the moment.  At this stage the Harrietville fire is currently moving South East, but this will change as conditions do.  Please keep it in mind.

The CFA/DSE website should have the latest information about this fire here:
Those with smart phones might wish to install the CFA’s FireReady app or Emergency Aus.
The following local FM radio stations should carry warnings:
89.7 – ABC Local
93.7 – Star Fm

If this fire starts heading towards Buffalo or another fire starts you may be asked to leave the park so please be prepared

Mt Buffalo landslide 2 March 2012

For any of you planning to head to Mt Buffalo this weekend, a little replanning might be in order.

mt buffalo landslide







A major landslip yesterday on the main road to Mount Buffalo NP has blocked access to the park. VicRoads are working to clear the road and assess the damage. All bookings are cancelled for the weekend.  See here

Finally – the first CliffCare blog post!

Thought it was  time to stop pfaffing about with what will work, what might work, what won’t work, can I change the header, how many colours and just get the CliffCare blog and website up and coming.  It can be a work in progress and one that I hope all of the climbing community will contribute to. And we can then decide together what works, what doesn’t, what header, blah, blah,blah. Actually I’m quite excited about this and hope that it works as well as what it should. The more information that gets out to the community the better.  The better informed we are means more success in gaining and maintaining access to the areas we love to climb at.

The aim of the CliffCare Victoria website blog is to cover all the access issues and information of all the Victorian cliffs, all on one site. As soon as any new information comes in, the website will be updated within the week.  So you can be sure that it’s up to date. All cliffs will have a basic outline of the cliff and its rules or suggested guidelines and then following on from that any access restrictions or issues currently in place or even those that could be a future problem.

As I said it’s a work in progress.  Gotta go now…but not for long.  Heaps of work to do on the new site and filling in all the gaps.  Make a comment if there is something you would like to see on the site.


Tracey – VCC Access & Environment Officer